Why Marine Collagen is the Next Big Thing

Why Marine Collagen is the Next Big Thing

Marine collagen has been generating a lot of attention lately thanks in large due to the countless positive reviews from clients who have made it a part of their daily regimen. Many have been calling it the next superfood, health and beauty regimen. Researchers discovered that marine collagen provides health benefits such as healthy tissue growth, hair, nails and especially the skin which is why many new skin products now feature marine collagen. 

What exactly is marine collagen and what is it composed of?

It is a hypoallergenic protein produced from fish skin. Fish skins remaining from food production are thoroughly washed, then hydrolyzed by an acid and a food grade enzyme to yield marine collagen peptides, which have a low molecular weight for easy digestion and absorption.

Although all collagen is composed of the same amino acids, marine collagen differs from bovine or porcine-derived collagen in that it contains higher amounts of the amino acids Glycine and Proline, which have been particularly associated with promoting healthy hair, skin and nails.* Marine Collagen is also absorbed into the body faster.*

Marine Collagen Benefits

Marine collagen peptides are comprised of two types of collagen, types I & III. Type I and Type III collagen benefits include promoting healthy hair and nail growth, improving skin elasticity and hydration, as well as supporting joint health and function, bone strength and healthy body composition.*

  • Skin elasticity and hydration: Studies have shown that oral supplementation with collagen peptides may improve hallmarks of skin aging, such as elasticity and hydration.* In one recent clinical study, marine collagen peptides were combined with plant-derived antioxidants. Skin properties including elasticity, sebum production, epidermal/dermal thickness and collagen density were remarkably improved after 2 months of supplementation 1 A recommended dose of 10 grams (2 tablespoons) a day of marine collagen is optimal for skin health.*

  • Healthy nail growth: One recent study demonstrated that the daily ingestion of bioactive collagen peptides increased nail growth and improved brittle nails in conjunction with a notable decrease in the frequency of broken nails.* 2

  • Improved cellulite morphology: Dietary supplementation with specific collagen peptides has been shown to have a body mass index-dependent beneficial effect on cellulite morphology and appearance.* 3

  • Bone and joint support: Although Type II collagen is more specific for joint support, hydrolyzed collagen in general is of interest as a potential therapeutic agent in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, with a strong safety profile.*

  • Body composition: Compared with placebo, collagen peptide supplementation in combination with resistance training further improved body composition by increasing lean mass, muscle strength and fat loss in elderly sarcopenic men.4 Marine collagen also helps provide a full feeling (satiety) for consumers who are trying to lose weight, and preliminary animal research suggests it may promote healthy blood sugar balance.*

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