Tips for Using Makeup on Acne Prone Skin

Never sleep with your makeup on, this is a disastrous habit that can damage your skin. Make it a ritual to wash your face with a makeup remover and clean it up with facial wash. Choose a non-comedogenic makeup that doesn't clog up the pores, this helps in a big way since it avoids any additional clog formation and keeps your skin healthy along the way. Be sure you wash your makeup brushes, eventually your brushes bristles will wear out so make sure they are replaced immediately otherwise dirt would build up which does not help your skin. Your old brushes are breeding grounds for germs if not cleaned regularly. It could cause further breakouts if you happen to carry on using it. Go with a makeup that's oil free or water based, this helps lessen the oil in your skin. Even though you may be using a popular makeup brand, this does not always mean it would suit any skin type. Make sure your makeup adjusts to your skin, not the other way around. Minimize makeup, if you’re at home and it’s your day off from work, give your skin a rest as well, they also need time to recuperate. Makeup should not be a part of your everyday life so make sure it isn’t.

Here are some additional do’s and don’ts when it comes to makeup:



  • Make sure you use a facial cleanser before applying any makeup on your skin, this cleans up all the old makeup on your skin and makes room for a new application.
  • Use an oil free moisturizer on your skin before applying makeup, this makes the application last longer and avoids you having to retouch all the time.
  • Find a concealer that is even with your skin tone, it does not necessarily have to be a popular brand just as long as it suits you.
  • Use blotting paper if you have oily skin, this keeps your complexion intact and keeps you shining all day.
  • Put on your acne treatment before applying any makeup on your skin if your skin is on medication
  • Use a green concealer if your skin has redness, this balances your skin tone.

Do Not…

  • Exhaust your skin, avoid applying too much makeup and using a facial scrub every time you retouch.
  • Go with a concealer that is darker than your complexion, this would look like a mask on your face. 
  • Use a face product that has a label “non-comedogenic”, only use the best products for your skin since you only get 1 set in life.
  • Use too much medication for your acne, 1 is enough to get the job done, if it does not then it means the medication is not effective.
  • Use too much bronzer or blush. It can cause the addition of bumpy areas and cause an uneven texture to your skin.
  • Use moisturizing makeup even if you have dry skin with acne. It is more advisable to use a stronger moisturizer separate from your makeup.
  • Apply cream on top of powered makeup, this will end up with your face looking like it has layers similar to a cake.
  • Over wash your face unless you tend to sweat a lot or exercise, take care of your skin since anything that is too much is bad for you.

Following these simple tips for using makeup on acne prone skin will certainly keep your skin healthy. Skin treatments are not the only solution for your skin problems and sometimes they can also lead to further damage. Acne is common for almost everyone, makeup is only a temporary solution for concealing it, what would be worse is not using it properly. There are many brands out there but the best makeup for acne is the one that skin skin fits well with, you will only find this out by trying other brands out, eventually you will come across one that is perfect for your skin condition and complexion. Follow the tips above and you will be sure to have healthy and nice looking skin despite the acne.

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